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AMOCER Group 4 specialisations

AMOCER structure

Prefabricated and structural reinforcement

The study of prefabricated structures is our main activity. We study the superstructure of industrial and tertiary buildings. Many pre-manufacturers ask for our services to produce manufacturing notebooks for all types of prefabricated elements in reinforced, fibre-reinforced or prestressed concrete.  We also have a wide expertise in structural reinforcement with more than 1000 projects completed.

Sud BA

Reinforced concrete infrastructure

Sud BA is our subsidiary specialised in the study of reinforced concrete infrastructures. The Sud BA’s team is working with Amocer structure to offer to our clients a complete study; from the Infrastructure to the Superstructure.


Research & Development

In 2018 we created the AMODIS research and development center, which enables us to respond to very specific constructive issues. Thus, our Doctoral Engineers develop new high-performance materials and new construction systems.


Maîtrise d’œuvre

Sud AMO is specialised in project management for industrial or tertiary sector constructions. The offer includes the management of your project, from the building license to the delivery of the keys. Structural studies are generally carried out internally for greater efficiency.